The Different Types Of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems In Indianapolis

An effective fire alarm system can protect your business from a devastating fire, but did you know there are different types of commercial fire alarm systems in Indianapolis? Conventional and addressable fire alarm systems each have their advantages. When you understand how these systems work, you can decide which is best for your Indianapolis business security. Or perhaps a hybrid system will work better for you. 

What Is A Conventional Fire Alarm System?

Of the two types of commercial fire alarm systems in Indianapolis, conventional fire alarm systems have been around the longest. In a commercial property, conventional fire alarms use multiple “zones.” Each zone has sensors and alarms on a circuit. Those circuits then connect to one central control panel that they communicate with using analog technology. When a sensor detects heat or smoke, it sends electrical currents to the control panel, which decides if it needs to trigger your alarm system. 

Because conventional fire alarm systems use a lot of cabling and hardware, they are best for smaller buildings. They cannot tell you the exact location of a fire, but that information is less vital in small buildings. And they can link to a fire monitoring service for a fast response from the fire department. 

What Is An Addressable Fire Alarm System?

Addressable fire alarm systems are a newer type of commercial fire alarm system in Indianapolis. They use digital technology to send information to the control panel about where sensors detect a fire. Addressable systems get their name from the ability to assign an address or identifying number, to each device in the system. Unlike conventional systems, devices in an addressable system are all connected with a single circuit that goes back to the control panel. They use less cabling than conventional systems, and it’s easier to add or remove addressable devices and integrate them into your commercial security system. 

Also, unlike conventional systems, addressable systems can communicate the exact location of a fire and even how much heat or smoke they are sensing. That precise information helps the control panel make more intelligent decisions about when to sound the alarm to avoid false alarms and how to guide people as they evacuate. When your monitoring service alerts the fire department, they’ll know exactly where to focus their efforts to put out the fire faster. You can even receive information about a fire on your property through phone notifications when you aren’t there.

What Is A Hybrid Fire Alarm System?

Hybrid fire alarm systems combine the most desirable features of both conventional and addressable systems. Each device still has its own address for more accurate reporting, but they are organized into zones. A hybrid system is an excellent solution if you want to add addressable devices to an existing conventional system without a total replacement.  

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