The Best Way To Secure Your Front Door In Indianapolis

You might think most break-ins happen at a back door or window, but many intruders find it easier to go straight through the front door. And while a sturdy deadbolt can help tremendously, it’s not the only way to secure your front door in Indianapolis. Instead, a smart lock, doorbell camera, and alarm system can do much more to keep your front door and home safe and secure. 

Use A Smart Lock To Control Access To Your Home 

Most sturdy locks will keep an intruder out, but smart locks can do much more. First, smart locks don’t require a key that can get lost or fall into the wrong hands. Instead, you use a keypad and a unique code to lock and unlock your doors. These codes can be set with an app on your phone. In fact, you can set multiple codes for each family member, or set temporary codes for friends. You can then use your app to see if your door was left unsecured when you left the house.  If it was, just lock your doors remotely with the app. 

You also never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door with a smart lock. You can see on your app if it’s locked or not and remotely lock it from anywhere. Or program your smart lock to lock automatically behind you or when you arm your alarm system. Your security app can also alert you when someone else unlocks the door. You’ll always know when your kids, dog walker, or anyone who has a code walk in–and you can lock the door behind them if they forget!

Put Up A Doorbell Camera To See Who’s On Your Porch

A doorbell camera is one of the best ways to secure your front door in Indianapolis. Doorbell cameras watch the front of your house and notify you on your mobile device when someone approaches the door or rings the doorbell. You can be in the backyard or running errands and know that a delivery has arrived or a friend stopped by. Doorbell cameras also record footage, so you have evidence of an attempted break-in or package theft if needed. 

Luckily, would-be intruders will leave if they see you have a camera. And if your doorbell camera has two-way audio, you can greet strangers, which may unnerve them enough to leave. Better yet, use your doorbell’s microphone to ask delivery people to leave your packages around the back or in an area that’s not so visible from the street. 

Install An Alarm System With Door Sensors

Another of the best ways to secure your front door in Indianapolis is with an alarm system. This system should extend throughout your entire house. But for your front door, ask your Indianapolis security company to install a door sensor that can detect the door being opened or forced. The sensor will trigger an alarm if someone breaks in, alerting you and likely scaring away the intruder. 

Even better, get a smart door alarm that will also alert you on your mobile device. You will know something is happening even if you are at work or on vacation. You can then use your security app to check your camera feeds to see what’s going on and get help if necessary. 

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