Surprising Burglary Statistics For Indianapolis

Reported property crime around Indianapolis might have you feeling nervous as a homeowner. And contradictory information about how to protect your home from burglars doesn’t help. So what are the facts about burglary, and how a security system can prevent it from happening to you? These Indianapolis burglary statistics and tips might surprise you.

Property Crimes Are The Most Common Crime In Indianapolis 

According to Neighborhood Scout, the most pervasive crime in Indianapolis is property crime. Burglary is one of the most common of these crimes. Luckily, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim when you understand the data behind how burglars operate and how security technology protects your home.

Security Systems Deter Burglars

Many Indianapolis homeowners don’t want to invest in a home security system because they’re skeptical that they prevent break-ins. However, the data is clear–security systems work and can help keep you from becoming another burglary statistic in Indianapolis. 

A survey of convicted burglars found that most looked for a security system and avoided houses with them. And if a burglar still tries to force entry, your alarm system will alert you and other bystanders. Your alarm system can also warn you of a fire, CO leak, or flood. Pair your security system with a 24-hour home monitoring service, and a monitoring station will send help in these emergencies. 

Dogs Can’t Replace An Alarm System

Many dog owners feel safer with a furry friend guarding their home. However, Fido doesn’t quite match up to the comprehensive security of an alarm system. Intruders indeed hate dogs who might alert you to their presence. But that only works if you’re home. You’re better off with a smart alarm system and cameras that can notify you or on your mobile device if anything is amiss at home.

Security Cameras Help Solve Crimes

After a burglary, security cameras can provide identifying evidence. Motion-activated cameras start recording the moment they detect movement. Smart cameras will alert you on your mobile device. You can then view live camera feeds and see if it’s a friend or stranger, and call law enforcement if necessary. If you register your exterior cameras with B-link Indy, the police can even access your cameras (with your permission) to solve crimes in your neighborhood.

Most Robberies Occur During The Day

It’s a common misconception that burglars only operate under cover of night. They want to break into an empty house, not one with sleeping residents. So they strike during the day when you go to work and school. That’s why you should lock up and arm your alarm system every time you leave. If your family tends to forget these important details, integrate smart home technology into your security system. That way, if you fail to set your alarms or lock something, you can do it all from your mobile device. 

Most Burglars Don’t Case Your Neighborhood–Because They Already Know You

Many burglary victims are surprised to find that an intruder has been there before. The Department of Justice reports that as many as 65% of home invasion targets know the perpetrator. You can protect yourself by not giving unnecessary keys to acquaintances. If you have guests staying with you or a friend feeding your pets while you’re gone, give them a temporary digital key to your smart lock that you can cancel later. 

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