5 Uses for a Smart Home Automation System

Today’s home is unlike any other in history. With connected security systems to keep burglars away as well as doorbells that let us know if that Online Coffee Club delivery has finally made it to your front porch, its safe to say that the home of today is in one word, SMART. There are several benefits to having smart home automation and a number of smart home automation uses, and they are far beyond letting you know if you left on the bathroom light. If you are thinking about smart home automation, give us a call at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today.

A Top Home Security Company. With Smart Home Automation.

As a top home security company, Nelson Alarm is only the best security. With a Nelson Alarm smart home automation system, you can know exactly who’s entering the house. With the smart door lock, you can now get notifications when your kids are home from school by using specific access codes. With the smart home lock system, you can also create codes for friends, roommates, guests and service people, and you will always know exactly who is entering your home, and when they arrive and exactly what time leave.

Control Your Electrical Costs


It’s no surprise that you can program your smart home automation system so that when you walk into a room, a sensor turns the lamps, heater or air conditioner on for you. Or something as small as scheduling the lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at 11 pm so you never enter a dark house again. Smart home automation is easily customizable, so it’s simple to create a schedule for electric and gas uses that will closely match your own.

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Keep that Garage of Yours Secure

Have you been in a rush to leave the house, and suddenly wonder if in your haste, Never wonder if your garage door is open again. Using a smart home security smartphone app, you can check your garage door status from wherever you are. You can also schedule the garage door to either open or close when you arm or disarm the alarm system or set up a reminder to send a text or email message to your phone when the garage door is left open for too long or after a certain period of time.

Know When There’s Smoke There is Fire

Is there a fire emergency? Or is it a false alarm? With a smart home automation system, you have the ability to set up the system to send a notification when the smoke alarm goes, allowing you to check-in and see for yourself that everything is okay. The smart home automation system’s central monitoring station will also ensure that all smoke and radon alarms are monitored and checked at all times.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

With smart home automation, motion sensors can be connected to windows, doors or even medicine or cleaning supply cabinets. You’re able to keep your valuables safe at all times, they are constantly under monitoring. With some of the best home security systems, you will be notified as soon as that door, window or cupboard is opened and that sensor is triggered.

Smart Phone Integration

Did you forget your security code or have a load of groceries that need to come in the house from pouring rain? Don’t panic. With a smart home automation system, you have the ability to pair your smartphone with the system panel so that the house alarm will automatically disarm when you approach. With the smartphone app, you will never have to worry about the alarm going off if you don’t get to the panel in enough time. And no worries about what happens if you lose your phone.  Un-pairing the device is as easy as pairing one, which means you will never be concerned about a stolen phone compromising your security.

There are More Uses For a Smart Home Automation System

While these smart home automation systems uses are impressive, there are a number of uses that solve those small annoyances of everyday life. We help our customers with smart home automation systems services every single day. Give us a call at 317-255-2125 or request a free quote today.