Put These Security Devices On A Schedule With Home Automation In Indianapolis

Put These Security Devices On A Schedule with Home Automation In Indianapolis

Home security systems are invaluable for protecting your home and providing peace of mind. Unfortunately, no matter how many devices you have, the system is only helpful when armed. While good habits arming your security system will work most of the time, everyone occasionally forgets. Don’t let a single slip put your family at risk!

Rest assured that your home is always protected by using home automation in Indianapolis and keep your security devices on a schedule. 

What Is Smart Home Automation?

When we say home automation, what does that mean exactly? Home automation is having your smart devices perform their functions without human input. If you use Alexa or Google Home, you will likely employ home automation. 

Home automation is groundbreaking for security devices because it allows for unparalleled ease of use. Powered by an app on your smartphone, you can have your security network spring to life or have it arm automatically on a set schedule. For example, you can tell your system to activate at 9 p.m. every day and you’re all done!

Devices You Should Schedule With Home Automation In Indianapolis

If you’ve purchased security equipment in the past few years, your devices may already be compatible with a home security automation hub. Once integrated, one or all of the devices you’re already using can be set on a schedule. Here are a few examples of home automation in Indianapolis:

  • Smart Lights: The simplest way to make a would-be intruder think your home is to leave a light on. If you’re coming home after dark in the winter months or work adjusted hours, having your lights turn on automatically will make people think someone is home.
  • Door Locks: If you have kids coming in and out of the home all day, it makes sense to leave the door open. However, criminals seek out the path of least resistance. Having your doors lock automatically and using key codes with smart door locks goes a long way toward keeping your home safe.
  • Security Cameras: If you want some security cameras on for only parts of the day, that’s also an option! You can set the exact times you want. Privacy and security can coexist!
  • Alarm System: Open the windows without worrying about setting off the alarms during the summer. Rest easy knowing that your alarms will then arm themselves at dusk every day.

Other Advantages of Home Automation for Your Security System

Scheduling your home security system to fit your lifestyle is fantastic, but there are even more perks to having home automation devices in Indianapolis. Your camera feeds, alarm statuses, lights, and more are accessible anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Unlock the door for a visiting family member or chat with the person at the door with your doorbell camera. So much can be done when you combine the power of your entire network.

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