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Are you in the market for and have been searching for various personal home security systems? There are so many options to choose from and while you may not need all the bells and whistles to do the job, you don’t want to overlook the best features available. So at Nelson Alarm, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the top three most desirable features of personal home security systems.

Wireless Technology

The technology for home security has come a long way. Gone are the days of drilling a bunch of holes in walls, installing miles of wires to connect sensors, and relying on landlines to communicate an emergency. While the basics like sensors and central control panels are still necessary, they have greatly improved.

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Now you can have a wide touchscreen control panel and a mobile app that allows you to connect and check on all things. Wireless personal home security systems are easy to install and update. Many of them offer programmable or unique features like pet-immune sensors that analyze detected movement and minimize false alarms.

Trouble-shooting is also generally easy with notifications being sent to you directly. Technicians can even make adjustments remotely if there’s a problem.

Camera Capabilities

Piggybacking on wireless technology is the advancement in camera capabilities. Big or small, hidden or in plain sight, cameras today can offer high-quality color video surveillance with the touch of your finger. Choosing cameras for personal home security systems is a topic all on its own. From simple features like motion detection to more unique options like voice control, you will want to do your research before choosing a compatible camera system.

Cameras do so much more than capture video. They allow you to see inside (or outside) your home whenever you please. There are cameras that have nighttime and infrared capabilities. Some offer features like two-way audio so you can actually speak to someone and hear what they say back. This can come in handy if you’re keeping tabs on teens, checking in on an elderly family member, watching out for package pirates or just seeing what your cat is up to while you’re at work.

Other features include things like facial recognition, personal alerts, built-in Google Assistant, compatibility with Amazon Alexa, mobile viewing, baby crying detection, built-in lights, zoom, and 360-degree rotation.

Total Home Automation

Whether you’re in another room or thousands of miles away, probably the best feature of home security systems today is total home automation. Not only can you monitor your home and keep it safe, but you can also turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and arm (or disarm) your alarm from virtually anywhere.

Many wireless alarm systems are compatible with or enable smart home technology. By linking your smartphone with your home security system and smart household items, you remain king or queen of the castle. Besides controlling things like heating and cooling, these personal home security systems are smart enough to alert you when something has gone awry. From carbon monoxide to smoke detection, you can even choose which alerts you want to know about and how you want to be notified.

Personal Home Security Systems Give Peace of Mind

No matter which security system or features you select, you are sure to find peace of mind. Choosing from so many wonderful options can seem daunting, but with today’s technology, you can also find something to suit all of your security needs.

Wireless security systems with cameras and the capability of home automation are three top features of personal home security systems you’ll want to have.

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