How To Use Your Indianapolis Home Security System With Alexa Or Google

You know all about using digital voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa to check the weather or play music. But what about protecting your Indianapolis home? It might sound like science fiction, but with AI technology, you can control your home security system with Alexa or Google. You can arm your alarm system, lock your smart locks, turn on lights, and more to keep your Indianapolis home safe–all with the sound of your voice.  

How Your Home Security System Works With Google Or Alexa

Google Assistant and Alexa are digital assistants that use AI technology to control smart home devices. Each assistant uses a smart speaker as its hub: Amazon Echo for Alexa and Google Home for the Google Assistant. When you give a voice command, the hub communicates your instructions to the relevant device through your Wifi. 

Both the Echo and Google Home work with hundreds of smart devices for a whole home automation experience. Just sync your hub to any of your smart security devices, and begin giving commands. You’ll be able to control your entire security system without walking to the control panel or opening your phone. 

Arm And Disarm Your Alarm System With Alexa Or Google

With a million things to do each morning, it’s easy to forget to arm your Indianapolis home alarm system. Instead, sync it with your preferred digital assistant and use voice commands to set your alarms, all while packing lunches and finishing your coffee. When you return home later, you can again tell Google or Alexa to disarm the alarm at the same time you’re helping kids put away backpacks or letting the dog out. Voice commands let you multi-task and still keep your home secure. And both Google and Alexa are smart enough to learn your voice, so no one else can verbally disarm your security system. 

Lock Up The House With Your Voice

When you arm your home security system with Alexa or Google, tell your digital assistant to lock your doors too. You never have to fumble with the doorknob or key to lock your door when you can just tell Alexa or Google to lock up for you. And when you’re home alone, you can use voice commands to unlock the door for friends and family without stopping what you’re doing.  

Turn On The Lights Without Getting Up

Have you ever heard a strange noise in the night? Instead of locating the light switch in the dark, tell Alexa or Google to turn them on before you climb out of bed and trip over something. And if it’s a trespasser outside, they’ll likely leave as soon as they see your house lights flash on. 

You can also create a nighttime scene on your mobile security app that combines several actions. Then each evening, say “goodnight” to Alexa or Google, and your security system will automatically arm your alarms, lock doors, and dim the lights.

Quickly Check Security Camera Video

Security cameras let you see who’s at the front door, prowling around the garage, or making a noise in the living room. While your Echo and Google Home speakers can’t show you camera feeds, they do connect to devices with screens that can. Tell Alexa or Google to show you the front door or the garage, and you can see what’s there at a glance on your screened device.

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