How To Protect Your Business From A Commercial Fire In Indianapolis

You’ve put a lot of work into your Indianapolis business. The last thing you want is to lose it all. Commercial fires can be devastating to your property and finances. You also have a responsibility to keep employees and customers safe. Good fire safety practices and the right commercial fire alarm system can help prevent a tragedy. If you aren’t following these tips, start today to protect your business from a commercial fire in Indianapolis.

Perform Regular Building Maintenance And Inspections

Taking care of your building and property is your first line of defense against a devastating commercial fire in Indianapolis. Malfunctioning equipment and worn-out electrical components can start spontaneous fires. Keep appliances and electronics clean, and replace old ones that show wear in their power cords. Have your HVAC system serviced regularly. And keep your property clean and tidy. 

You should also perform regular tests of fire extinguishers and fire alarms. If a fire does break out, you have a better chance of saving people and reducing property damage if you have a working fire alarm system and extinguishers to fight the flames. If you find any issues in your fire detection and alarm system, work with your trusted business security company to repair or upgrade your system immediately.

Upgrade To A Better Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems don’t prevent fires from starting. But they can reduce the risk of it spreading and becoming a major disaster.  In most cases, your business is required to have a commercial fire alarm system in Indianapolis.  However, you can increase your fire protection by upgrading your system to the most powerful technology. 

Start by hiring a company that understands the Indianapolis fire code and how to strategically place devices for the most effective coverage. They should also be equipped with the most modern commercial fire alarm components that detect smoke, heat, and flames faster and more accurately than ever. These systems can alert the fire department quicker and tell first responders the exact location of a fire. A modern system also sends alerts to your smartphone, so you can be looped in immediately when you’re off-site.  

Use Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring In Indianapolis

When a fire hits, time is of the essence. With a fire alarm system with a commercial fire alarm monitoring service, you’ll always have a team of trained specialists to get help quickly. With an alarm monitoring system, a central station receives an alert that your alarm system has detected a fire. They contact you to verify the situation and follow your personal emergency plan for contacting first responders. They get you help faster to save your business and offer vital support during an emergency.

Store Flammable Materials Properly

All businesses have flammable materials, even if it’s just paper and cardboard boxes. Combustible materials can catch fire easily and feed flames. Store these items away from heat sources and equipment rooms to prevent a fire. Even a stack of papers too close to a hot light bulb can combust. If your business uses flammable liquids, store them outdoors in appropriate containers. 

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