How To Pick Your Indianapolis Small Business Security System

Have you taken an inventory of your Indianapolis small business security system recently? A commercial security system can protect your business from burglaries, fire, and other costly threats when you have the right components in place. Devices like card readers, an addressable fire alarm system, and smart security cameras can fill in the gaps of your existing security system — or get you started with a new system. And you can always talk to Nelson Alarm about other ideas for a security system for your small business in Indianapolis. 

Upgrade To An Addressable Fire Alarm System To Pinpoint The Source Of A Fire

When you assess your commercial security system, make sure your fire alarm system meets current building codes. Beyond that, consider replacing your old system with a high-tech addressable system. In an addressable fire alarm system, all fire and smoke detectors are interconnected and communicate with a central monitoring panel. When your system detects smoke or extreme heat, it can identify the exact location of the fire. 

Pinpointing a fire’s location has many advantages. Your addressable fire alarm systems can use that information to stagger alarms and guide people out of the building based on proximity to the fire. It can tell the fire department where to target their efforts. And when there isn’t a fire, your system can tell you if a specific device is malfunctioning.   

Install Card Readers To Control Access To Your Building And Restricted Areas

Protecting your business means controlling who can enter your building and sensitive rooms. If you’ve been using keys to lock up your business, upgrade to smart card readers. Card readers give authorized employees entry to restricted areas and automatically lock the door behind them. This lets them go into work early or access specialized equipment without anyone following them in. 

Your card readers come with a mobile access control center that you can use on your PC or handheld devices. This app shows you who has used what card reader and when. You can use it to easily add or remove access users and cards or change access. You can even use the app to remotely lock and unlock doors or buzz someone in if an opening manager loses their access card or you have a client visiting your secure site. Or, if you don’t want to use card readers, install smart locks with pushbutton keypads and use your mobile control center to issue unique access codes or remotely let someone in.

Monitor Your Business From Anywhere With Smart Security Cameras 

Small businesses have long relied on surveillance cameras to deter burglars and monitor activity in and around their buildings. Until a few years ago, you had to be on-site to view your video feeds. Today, smart cameras let you see every inch of your commercial property on your computer and mobile devices. You can view live streams of everything from your parking lot to your backrooms on your phone or tablet through a security app. The app can also send you notifications when your cameras detect suspicious activity on your property.  

Your Indianapolis small business security system and cameras can help solve local crime too. Partner with the community initiative B-link Pro and register your external cameras. Using cloud technology, your cameras will send vital information to Indy police for investigating crimes that affect your business and your neighbors, keeping business owners, customers, and employees safe. 

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