How Often Should A Business Security System Be Tested In Indianapolis?

When was the last time your business security system was tested? If you’re not sure, you’re probably overdue. Proper security isn’t just about having all the latest equipment. It’s also about being prepared for the various risks you might face. You have to make sure your equipment is functional, and positioned correctly, and that the entire system is operating as a cohesive unit. 

While it’s possible to test the system yourself, working with a business security professional in Indianapolis is your best bet to get the job done efficiently and accurately. How often should a business security system be tested in Indianapolis? As a general rule, you should plan on performing a test at least once per month.

Why You Need Regular Testing

Our lives would be simpler if nothing ever changed, right? Motion detectors were never moved out of place. Cameras were never impacted by dirty lenses or overgrown bushes. Access control systems always functioned without a hitch. 

There are various reasons why you should test your system, including:

> Check for worn out or damaged parts

> Check for loose wires

> Ensure signals are received by your monitoring center

> See if all sensors are functioning properly

> Make sure motion detectors are positioned well and picking up movement

> Ensure your cameras provide clear views of your critical areas

Stick To A Monthly Routine

Regardless of the size and complexity of your business security system, you should plan on doing a monthly test. Even smaller installations will have multiple sensors, motion detectors, and other devices. One device accidentally shifted out of place is all it takes to introduce a vulnerability. Besides, most equipment manufacturers recommend monthly tests to ensure operability. 

When should you do the test? Just like some of your other regular business activities, you could consider making this part of your routine and doing it on the same day each month. That way you test your security at about the same time you test your fire detectors. Just be sure that the people who need to know are made aware as the last thing you want is to surprise employees and cause panic.

Regardless of the timing, stick to your monthly routine and keep in mind there may be circumstances that require unscheduled testing.

When To Consider Doing An Extra Test

If you feel like you need additional security devices — like an extra security camera or a keypad leading to a sensitive area — then you can do an extra test outside the monthly cycle. That way you can hone in on blind spots that can be rectified. You should also consider doing additional testing if you’ve had maintenance, repairs, or renovations at your building, especially in areas where security devices are located. There’s always the possibility of workers unintentionally dislodging a device or moving something slightly out of position.

Request Business Security Testing In Indianapolis

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