What’s The Best Home Security For Pet Owners In Indianapolis?

Your Indianapolis home security system protects your house, family, and even pets. But pets and security systems don’t always mix. A pet can accidentally trigger your system and frighten your family with a false alarm. However, you still need an alarm system that’s sensitive enough to detect a real emergency. Here are some things you can do with Nelson Alarm to create the best home security for pet owners in Indianapolis.

Use The Right Security Sensors To Avoid False Alarms

Your home’s alarm system uses sensors to detect suspicious activity and trigger your alarms. But a curious cat or dog can accidentally set them off. You can avoid this with sensors that have pet sensitivity settings. You can program them to ignore an object below a certain weight so that it overlooks your pet but not a human. Where your alarm company places your sensors will help too. Ask them to put sensors five feet off the ground and mainly at access points away from your furry friend’s favorite hang-out spots. 

If Fido exceeds the weight allowance of motion-activated sensors, use glass break sensors instead. Your alarm company installs these on your windows and doors. They only detect splintering wood or shattering glass if someone breaks in, making them virtually pet-proof!

Turn On The Lights For Anxious Animals With Smart Lights

The best home security for pet owners in Indianapolis will also help your pet feel safe. You can do this with smart home technology that gives you control over home and security devices through an app on your smartphone. If Fluffy feels anxious in the dark, use the app to remotely turn on a light for her or program lights to automatically turn on in the evening before you get home. If she gets lonely during the day, you can time your TV to turn on for a few hours a day. 

Check On Your Pet With Smart Security Cameras

You can use your smart security system and app to check on your fur babies when you’re gone too. Just open the app to view live footage from your smart security cameras and see what they’re doing. If your cameras have two-way audio, you can even talk to your pets from afar. This works well for both outdoor and indoor pets. And if you hear a strange noise at night? Check your cameras to see if it’s a trespasser or just your kitty on the prowl. 

Let Your Dog Walker In With Smart Locks

If you employ a pet sitter or dog walker, you need an easy but safe way to let them in and out of your house when you aren’t there. Smart locks allow you to control who enters your home without the hassle of keys. Just give your pet’s pal a personal access code to unlock the door and program your lock to automatically lock itself when the door closes again. If you hire someone new, just cancel the other person’s code to keep your home secure. And if they ever have trouble getting in, you can unlock your door remotely through your security app.

Nelson Alarm Keeps Everyone Safe With The Best Home Security For Pet Owners In Indianapolis 

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