Four Home Security System Tips For Indianapolis

Home security doesn’t feel intuitive to everyone. You want to protect your home and family, but learning how can get overwhelming. The best place to start is with a home security system from the pros at Nelson Alarm. Then follow these four home security system tips for Indianapolis residents. You’ll enjoy better protection and more peace of mind when you know how to use your home security system better.

#1 Automate Your Home Security With Smart Technology

If you haven’t added smart home technology to your security system yet, you’re missing out. With smart technology and home automation, you can set your alarm system to arm when you leave for the day and disarm when you return home. Program house lights to turn on and off while you’re on vacation. Or put your thermostat on a schedule to save energy costs. 

Your mobile smart security app also helps you know what’s happening around your home. It can alert you if your environmental sensors trigger or if your surveillance cameras detect suspicious movement. Then check your camera feeds through the app to see what’s going on and respond to possible emergencies faster to protect your home and family.

#2 Strategically Place Your Security Cameras To View Vulnerable Areas

You know that surveillance cameras can boost your home’s security. But one home security system tip for Indianapolis homes says to place your cameras in areas where intruders are most likely to strike and where you can check on your family and pets. This includes all doors–especially the front door, where package theft can occur. Use cameras to watch ground-level windows and your garage too. Your cameras can help you see people in your yard and driveway, whether it’s the kids playing or a trespasser. Finally, use indoor cameras in common areas of the house to check on family when you’re gone or check out a strange noise downstairs at night. If you are not sure how to get the best view of these places, Nelson Alarm can set up your cameras where you need them.

#3 Use Many Layers Of Security To Deter Intruders

Don’t rely on just one type of security device for your home’s protection. Instead, use multiple “layers” of security to deter intruders. This means using different kinds of devices to cover all of your bases. Start with motion-activated lights that will illuminate anything or anyone who crosses your lawn or driveway. Add motion-activated smart cameras that will start recording and notify you on your smartphone if someone approaches your house. And, of course, window and door sensors will trigger your alarm system if someone breaks in. 

#4 Use A Monitoring Service For Back-up In An Emergency

You can depend on your security system to warn you of an emergency, but then what? An alarm monitoring service gives you extra support during a crisis. If your alarm system goes off, it will also signal a 24-hour monitoring station. Trained staff monitor your system and will respond to emergency alerts. They’ll follow your custom emergency response plan and contact you to verify the situation. Then they can call your local authorities to get you the help you need while you take care of yourself.

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