Questions To Ask Your Home Security Company In Indianapolis

Choosing devices is only half of the process when you want a quality home security system in Indianapolis. You need to find a reliable home security company first. Not all security companies are equal. You’ll have to put in a little work to find one that you want to work with. Start by asking some questions about their services and business. These questions will help you find a home security company in Indianapolis that you can trust to protect your home.

Is Your Company Licensed And Certified?

Like anything concerning your home and family’s safety, you should only entrust your home security to licensed, certified professionals. Not everyone who sells security systems has the right credentials. To find a reputable home security company in Indianapolis, begin by asking if they’re licensed to do business locally. They should be able to provide their license number for you to check with the city. Then ask if they’re certified by a national organization. Contact the organization to verify that the business meets the organization’s standards for home security providers.

What Kind Of Home Security Systems Do You Install?

Obviously, if an Indianapolis home security company doesn’t offer the kind of system you want, they aren’t worth your time. Ask any company you talk to about what types of systems they offer. Do you want a wired, wireless, or hybrid system? Do you only want a basic alarm system with cameras, or do you want to add 24/7 alarm monitoring? What about smart home automation capabilities? The wider their selection, the more likely they can give you what you need.

Who Will Install My Alarm System, And Are They Certified And Bonded?

When you sign a contract with an alarm company, you expect to interact with their own employees. However, some companies use third-party technicians to do the actual installation. That means the person who comes to your house may not know everything about the security services you’re paying for, and the alarm company can’t vouch for the installer personally. 

When you’re choosing the components of your security system, ask the sales associate if they have an in-house installation team. Ask if they use certified electricians for wiring and if all employees are bonded and passed background checks. A reputable company will only send certified and trustworthy people to your home.

How Do You Handle Issues With My System?

No matter how great your home security system is if an issue arises, will you get equally great support from your Indianapolis home security company? Ask them how they respond to issues before anything goes haywire. Do they answer issues at the Indianapolis office, or does customer service get outsourced to a call center?

Your security company should have a clear process for reporting problems and how they resolve them. Hopefully, local issues are handled locally and quickly.  This is also a great time to ask how they handle damaged equipment and warranties. You don’t want to pay for a home security camera or smart doorbell that came broken!

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