Do You Need A Garage Door Alarm In Indianapolis?

Outdoor security devices like surveillance cameras and motion-activated lights can help deter a thief, but they only do so much. If you already protect your house with an alarm system, why not extend that protection to your garage? After all, the garage door is the largest opening to your home. Here’s how using a garage door alarm in Indianapolis gives you added protection from break-ins and more peace of mind.

Garage Door Alarm Sensors In Indianapolis Detect An Intruder And Sound The Alarm

Just like you use an alarm system to secure the doors to your house, you can use your system to defend your garage doors. That’s because an alarm on your garage door will alert you to danger any time the door opens while your system is activated. When the sensor trips, your system sounds the alarm bell, notifies you through your smartphone app, and contacts your monitoring center.

Smart Garage Door Alarms In Indianapolis Notify You Of A Situation No Matter Where You Are

Today, smart home technology makes both home and garage security more convenient and effective. Smart garage door alarms for Indianapolis homes can communicate with you through a smart app on your phone. If someone breaks into your garage when you aren’t home, your phone will notify you that a sensor detected a break-in. When you receive the alert, you can call for help immediately and wait to approach your home until you know it’s safe. You can also use your app to see if the garage was accidentally left open when you left the house.  Then, use the app to close it up tight and set the alarm.

A 24/7 Security System Monitoring Service Gives Your Garage And Home Even More Protection

When you extend your home security system to include garage door alarms in Indianapolis, you can also protect your garage with a 24/7 monitoring service. Security system monitoring gives you an extra layer of defense and more peace of mind. If your system detects a possible break-in, a central monitoring station receives an alert. A trained monitoring specialist can then follow your personal emergency response plan. 

Your plan tells them who to contact and how. This includes contacting you to verify if there is a true emergency or just a family member accidentally triggering the alarm. If it does appear to be a break-in, monitoring staff will quickly contact the local authorities for you. You can rest assured that these trained professionals will get you the help you need so that you can focus on keeping yourself safe. 

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