Business Security Monitoring

Your Indianapolis Business Is Protected Around The Clock With 24-Hour Business Security Monitoring

While it’s important to have a customized commercial security alarm system for your company, backing it up with a professional monitoring team provides real peace of mind.  Any time your security or monitored fire alarms in Indianapolis trigger, a live person will immediately put your personal emergency plan to work.  And that’s 24/7 business security monitoring — so your Indianapolis company will always be protected.

Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Business Security Monitoring Services in Indianapolis

When you have Nelson Alarm customize a commercial security system for your business, you also get a highly-trained and certified team that monitors for issues like intrusions, fire, and flood.  Our monitoring center is U.L.-certified and implements fully redundant alarm detection — meaning that your security system will never be without a live specialist. Even if your business is open 24-hours a day, monitoring can help alert you to issues the moment they occur.

When a sensor is tripped, our team responds quickly according to your company’s customized emergency plan.  Using a two-call verification system, we quickly determine the cause of the alarm and alert all pre-determined participants and the proper emergency services. Our goal is to help you respond to issues fast enough to keep your assets — and your employees — safe and enable you to get back to work.

Nelson Alarm’s 24-Hour Business Monitoring Services Include:

  • Intrusion Detection: We’ll work with you to ensure that all access points — both around the perimeter and inside sensitive areas — are protected from intrusion.  If a sensor is tripped, our emergency central monitoring station will act on the alarm immediately according to your emergency plan. This might be to immediately dispatch the police or to call your designated security personnel.
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide: In the event of smoke, a sudden rise in air temperature, or the detection of carbon monoxide, our monitoring team can contact the fire department while your employees head to safety. Touchpad displays can show your company the best way to exit, and you can see what’s happening in real-time. The result is a dramatic reduction of time for emergency services to arrive.
  • Flood: We can set up sensors that alert our monitors about flooded floors.  Our team will notify you if there is a problem immediately, so you can take action before your business goes underwater.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Some businesses need to keep areas at a certain temperature or risk damage to medical supplies, food, or specific inventory.  If the temperature is part of your customized security plan in Indianapolis, then our monitoring station will alert your designated contact if the temperature exceeds your predefined range.

24-Hour Business Security Monitoring Can Be Critical To a Company’s Bottom Line

Having your business damaged by vandalism, burglary, or fire can be devastating and expensive.  Luckily, Nelson Alarm can customize the business security system that can protect your Indianapolis company — including 24-hour monitoring and automation.  To get a free quote, or learn more about our monitoring services, call (317) 255-2125 today!