Is It Practical To Have 24-hour Business Surveillance Cameras In Indianapolis?

It may seem daunting and expensive to have to figure out 24-hour security surveillance for your Indianapolis business. With the equipment and installation, electricity bills, and video storage – is it truly worth all of the hassle? Fortunately, today’s modern solutions make it easier and more affordable than ever to use full-time surveillance cameras for your business in Indianapolis

Why 24-Hour Surveillance Cameras Matter for Your Indianapolis Business

You pour your heart and soul into helping your business succeed. Every year, companies lose billions of dollars in potential revenue to theft at night and during normal operating hours. The best way to prevent both common shoplifting and a serious break-in is vigilance. These crimes hinge on remaining unseen, so make sure you have eyes everywhere! 

Criminals seek out the path of least resistance, often bypassing targets deemed too risky. They also need to remain unseen to avoid capture. A 24-hour business surveillance system in Indianapolis meets both of those needs by making it nigh impossible for a crook to find a way to pilfer your business undetected.

Put the Power In Your Hands With Cutting Edge Devices and Automation

Your business surveillance camera in Indianapolis doesn’t have to break the bank to provide comprehensive protection. Modern cameras are equipped with motion-detecting sensors, and you have the option of recording 100% of the time or only when they detect movement. You can easily adjust and change settings on the fly and tune in to live camera feeds from anywhere through your smartphone. If you have multiple locations, you can even manage them all individually through one convenient app. 

Protect Your Assets From More Than Theft

While theft is often the chief concern when discussing surveillance, monitoring can protect your business from so much more. Business surveillance cameras in Indianapolis can help you watch out for smoke, alerting you to the exact location of a fire. If you work in an area prone to flooding, the ability to check on your business anytime can provide unparalleled peace of mind. 

Real, Certified Monitors Make All the Difference

While 24-hour surveillance cameras in Indianapolis are a powerful tool in their own right, they are even better when paired with alarm monitoring. Your custom security system can include a team of certified monitoring specialists to keep a vigilant eye on your business. If motion is detected, an alert will be sent to the central monitoring station to assess the live situation.  Once they verify it’s not a false alarm, they’ll take the appropriate action to protect your business.

This can also extend to fires, flooding, and other disasters. Time is of the essence in an emergency situation – make every second count! 

Nelson Alarm Offers Only The Best Business Surveillance Cameras In Indianapolis

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