5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Home Security Smartphone App In Indianapolis

As part of your home security installation, you’ll download a home security smartphone app. Now, that app can act as your mobile security command center and help you manage your smart security devices and home automation more effectively. Here are five things you can do with your home security smartphone app in Indianapolis to get you started.  

Set Security Alarms With Your Phone

Have you ever left on vacation and wondered if you armed your home alarm system before leaving? With your security smartphone app, you can double-check and set your alarm if you forgot. Or, if you need to let a friend in to water your plants, you can disarm your system to avoid a false alarm.

If you’ve integrated home automation into your security system, you can even program your alarms to arm and disarm on a schedule. Then you never have to worry about leaving your house unprotected. And if something triggers your alarm while you’re away, your security app will notify you on your phone. 

View Your Security Cameras From Anywhere

A notification from your alarm system is great, but only security cameras give you the whole picture. If you have smart motion-activated cameras installed, they will turn on when they detect movement and notify you through your app. Then you’ll be able to view a live feed on your phone and see if it’s a burglar looking for unlocked windows or the neighbor retrieving a stray ball. 

You can also use your security app to check on the kids or pets. You can even use your app to adjust the camera’s angle and zoom in to see if your kid is doing homework or playing games online or if the dog is chewing your new slippers again. 

Remotely Lock The Door Behind You

If family members are going in and out of the house all day, chances are someone will forget to lock the door sometimes. Or you can install smart locks so that your app can tell you when a door is left unlocked. Then you can lock it remotely to keep your home safe. 

You can also use your smart app to create digital keys for family members and house guests. Assign each person a keycode and activate them on the app so that your loved ones can let themselves in whenever they need. 

Outwit Burglars With Automated Lights

Many people leave a light on when they’re out to make it look like someone is home, but intruders know better. Instead, install smart lights and program them to periodically turn on and off with your home security smartphone app in Indianapolis. Now it looks like someone is really inside. 

You can use your app to avoid coming home to a dark house too. Create an evening scene that turns on your lights before you arrive home and another scene to turn them off at bedtime. You can select these scenes on your phone or schedule them for specific times.

Receive Notifications From Your Smart Smoke Detectors 

Most smoke detectors can only warn you of a fire if you’re home. Smart smoke detectors can notify you through your security app. You can then pull up your security camera video feed to assess the situation and work with your home monitoring service to get help faster. 

Your security app can warn you of low batteries in your smoke detectors too. Instead of your detectors chirping annoyingly or dying silently, your app will tell you when the batteries need to be changed so that you’re always protected. 

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