Do I Need A Home Security System In Indianapolis?

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When you feel relatively safe in your neighborhood, you might wonder, “Do I need a home security system in Indianapolis?” It’s easy to underestimate the value of home security when you live in a low-crime area or believe security systems only guard against intrusion. However, you can never be too careful. If you want complete 24-hour protection from break-ins, fire, and other threats, you need a home security system. So before you dismiss the idea of a home alarm system, consider everything that one can do for you.

A Home Security System Stops Intruders In Their Tracks

Many area homeowners who ask themselves, “Do I need a home security system in Indianapolis?” have heard that security systems don’t stop break-ins. Studies say otherwise. Visible signs of a security system such as surveillance cameras deter many intruders. If they still attempt to force entry, the majority leave as soon as your alarm system goes off.  

Even low-crime areas see the occasional burglary. The best way to prevent one is to install door and window sensors at all entry points in your Indianapolis home. If someone tries to break in, your security system will sound the alarm, alerting you and scaring away the trespasser. Meanwhile, your strategically placed security cameras will record the event as evidence for the police. 

An Alarm System Protects Your Home From More Than Just Intrusion

Indianapolis homes face more threats than break-ins. Anyone can experience a house fire, flood, carbon monoxide leak, or HVAC malfunction. That’s why home security systems today are designed to alert you to these emergencies as well. As part of your alarm system, smoke and CO detectors will warn you of a dangerous fire or gas leak. Temperature and moisture sensors can tip you off to flooding and extreme temperatures that can burst pipes or overheat your home. 

For added protection, integrate home automation into your existing security system, too. Smart technology lets you remotely manage and communicate with your alarm system components. You can check your sensors any time on your mobile home security app. And if disaster strikes while you’re not home, you’ll receive a phone notification that your security system has detected a problem. 

24-hour Monitoring Protects Your Home Even When You’re Away

While a mobile app is useful for keeping tabs on your home, it still leaves you to handle an emergency alone. For complete protection and more peace of mind, add a 24-hour monitoring service to your home security. If your alarm system triggers, the staff at a central station will receive an alert and follow your custom emergency response plan to verify the emergency and send first responders to your home. 

This round-the-clock monitoring lets you focus on getting your family to safety and sends help faster than if you called yourself. It also gives you greater peace of mind when you leave home. If you are at work or out of town during an incident, the central station will notify you of what’s going on. You’ll rest easier knowing someone is on standby and ready to respond when your property is in danger.

When You Need A Home Security System In Indianapolis, Call Nelson Alarm

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