Questions To Ask A Commercial Security Alarm Company In Indianapolis

Every Indy business needs good security. And good security starts with a reliable commercial alarm company. But how do you know which company is the right fit for you? 

Start by talking to different companies to see who can meet your needs best. Make a list of things you want to know about their products and services. And if you’re not sure what to ask, you can use our suggestions for questions to ask a commercial security alarm company in Indianapolis

What Types Of Systems Do You Install?

Wired or wireless alarm systems, IP or analog surveillance cameras–there are a lot of commercial security systems out there! Your first question to ask a commercial security alarm company in Indianapolis is what kinds of systems they offer. If you know what you want for your business security system, go with a company that provides that. And if you need some guidance? Choose a company that has a wide range of solutions. They’ll look at your needs and create a custom security system for your business.   

What Happens If My Business Changes Location?

As your Indy business grows, you may need to change locations or open new ones. Ask alarm companies how these changes will affect your commercial security. Ask if they can move your equipment if you relocate. Also, ask if they offer smart business access control. This means using a smart app on your mobile device to remotely manage security systems for multiple locations.

Who Will Monitor My Security System?

Business security monitoring connects your alarm system to a monitoring station that contacts you and sends help if something triggers your alarms. With something so important, you’ll want to know who’s doing that monitoring. Ask alarm companies how their monitoring works and how monitoring staff are trained. 

At the same time, ask how fast you respond to alarms. A good monitoring service uses two-step verification to confirm with you that it’s not a false alarm. Then they contact the necessary authorities for you while you handle things how you need to on your end. They should make emergencies less stressful, so you need to know that they have fast response times to make it worth it.

How Fast Do You Respond To Technical Support Or Maintenance Requests? 

You also need to know how soon you can expect help if you have technical difficulties or one of your devices breaks. The longer your system is down, the longer your business sits vulnerable. The most reliable alarm companies have 24/7 service to ensure your business stays protected. 

Will My Security System Work During A Power Outage?

A power outage can also be a security concern. Ask security companies how they ensure your alarm system and alarm monitoring still work during a power outage or similar event. They should explain how they use backup batteries, cellular signals, and redundant alarm detection to protect your business 24/7. 

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