Why You Need an Outdoor Security Camera Service

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Security cameras are special types of cameras that records people’s activities in order to detect and defer any crime. Generally, security cameras are indoors. However, what if you have the need for a security camera to monitor outside your premises? In this instance you’ll need an outdoor security camera service.

Outdoor Security Camera Surveillance

An outdoor security camera service is highly effective in preventing crime, but unfortunately, we can’t say that having a security camera will completely  eradicate crime. Undoubtedly, however, the percentage of crime definitely reduces.  A well monitored outdoor security camera service is an effective burglary and theft deterrent to outside your home or business. A Nelson monitored security system is the best security camera service in the Indianapolis area.  Call us at 317-255-2125  for a quote on our video surveillance services now!

Video Surveillanceoutdoor security camera service

At Nelson Alarm, we offer a number of video surveillance services, including an outdoor security camera surveillance service.  Security cameras, whether they are indoors or outdoors  are closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras that transmit a video and audio signal to either a wired or a wireless receiver through a radio band, this is all dependent to the type of video surveillance service that’s in place.

For safety monitoring it’s best to not only have a video surveillance service that monitors indoors, but a service that monitors what goes on outside your home or business. If you are looking for an outdoor video surveillance service give us a call at 317-255-2125 for a quote today!

An Outdoor Security Camera Service Perfect for You

An outdoor security camera service is there to protect you and your business against property theft, and vandalism. An outside security camera service is necessary because they ensure public safety, protect property and help to prevent vandalism. It’s time to protect your property with an outdoor security camera monitoring service today!

What Makes a Great Commercial Surveillance System?

A great commercial surveillance system is needed for every small business and a small business is built on the pure hard work and sweat of the owner. It’s hard work that every business demands from its owners.

Call Nelson Alarm for a quote on a commercial surveillance system at (317) 255-2125 now.

Why do you need a commercial surveillance system?

Securing your business is something that just cannot be left to chance. Your business needs a high level of security. The competition is pretty stiff today and not everyone might be as ethical and hardworking as you. In the present age of business, information is power. To put it easier, your official secrets and data is something that needs to be protected at any cost.

There are many elements that make up a good commercial surveillance system.

Premises Access Control

This system allows you to control who actually comes in or goes out of your property. This system can control the movement of goods and personnel alike. It has an RFID system and automatically determines whether an unauthorized person is on the premises. This system also lets you know the areas which a person has visited once on your property.

Video Surveillancecommercial security system

A must have for all commercial establishments. Keeping an eye on what’s going around in your commercial property is the best thing to do, and in the instance of a negative situation, you need to provide some concrete evidence to the law enforcement authorities. By providing law enforcement with video footage can make their job easier.


A commercial space can really benefit from assortments of alarms that are available to them – heat, fire, rain and many more. These alarms give you a prompt warning when something goes wrong with your property. A properly maintained commercial alarm system can save lots of money and time if used properly.

Energy Management Systems

In today’s security marketplace, smart commercial surveillance system also keep you secure from overspending on utility bills, and these systems can really make your bills shrink in size by providing you with updated data on consumption patterns.

Remote Devicesremote commercial security

Our commercial surveillance systems are actually very flexible to use and you can control almost everything with mobile apps and computers. So no matter where you are in the world, rest assured you will always be in control of your commercial property.

You need a great commercial surveillance system, for security’s sake.

Ultimately, you need to invest in a commercial surveillance system for the sake of enhanced security. The world is turning into an evil place and you do need some extra help to protect what you love the most.

Building a business takes time and effort, so Don’t let it get all wasted because of something that could’ve been prevented. We provide some of the best commercial surveillance systems in the region. We can help you with your security needs, give us a call at (317) 255-2125 today!

How does a wireless outdoor security camera work?

wireless outdoor security camera

Having a security camera for your premises is essential now. With the growing crime graph of the region, it is always wise to proactively take measures that would result in having a more secure environment for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to getting yourself a security camera, there are many things that come into play. Being into the business of providing security solutions to both residential and commercial properties, we can say this with authority that the type of security camera which would suit your needs will greatly depend upon the peculiar settings of your property. Anyways that’s a matter of professional security audit and will be dealt with some other time.

Today we would be focusing more on a wireless outdoor security camera and how it can achieve your home/commercial security objectives.

What is a wireless outdoor security camera?

A wireless outdoor security camera is your regular security camera, with a small difference. It does not have wires. At times, it has its own dedicated power supply too hence making it completely wireless. It is really a good option to go for as it eliminates the need of using bulky and obtrusive wiring while installing. It is more dependable as there are no wires to cut for intruders. Wired cameras have this one inherent flaw – it is really easy for the intruders to detect them. Well, they can detect the wireless cameras too, but, in this case, there is no way they can disable them, unlike the wired ones that can be easily disabled by severing their cables.

How do wireless outdoor security cameras work?

Wireless cameras work using RF signals. RF here stands for Radio Frequency. These cameras have a transmitter which sends the footage information to a central receiver located inside the home/office. With the growth in technology, now we have Bluetooth enabled and wifi enabled wireless security cameras also. The information transmitted by these cameras is generally stored in a DVR and can also be stored on a cloud storage.

Features of a wireless outdoor security camera

Wireless outdoor security cameras come with many features. Here is the list of some of them.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is one such technology which really makes installing a wireless outdoor security camera worthwhile. With motion detection, your camera would only start recording when it detects movement in its area of surveillance. This helps in getting proper alerts and saving lots of expensive storage space.

Remote Operation

Wireless outdoor security cameras also have this unique feature of remote operation. Here you can operate your camera from anywhere in the world. These cameras are connected to the internet, and, hence, can be operated from anywhere provided you have a stable internet connection.

Scheduled Recording

This feature allows one to specify the time when continuous recording using the camera is desired. This feature finds its application in areas like restaurants and public offices that work as per a strict schedule. A unique trait with this feature is that it allows you to accurately calculate and predict the amount of storage space that you might require.

In case of further queries on this topic, please feel free to drop us an email.

Why Home Security Systems Are Important In Protecting Assets

protecting assets

We live in the land of free. Freedom is everything that we work for and pray for. The biggest symbol of freedom is security. America and Indiana are both growing at a fast pace. We all have work to do and as it is often seen with any growing economy, crime is also on an upward swing.

Every day we are exposed to news about people getting mugged and homes being subjected to criminal assault. The law enforcement agencies are doing their work, but we, the citizens, should also be active in contributing towards making our homes more secure. If we help the law enforcement authorities by being proactive, they would also be in a better situation to conduct their business.

Anyways there is nothing more important for a man than protecting his home and his family. That’s why having a home security system for your place should be your top priority.

Following is the list of reasons showing why having a home security system is important for protecting your family and assets:

1. Situational Awareness

A home security system ensures that you have eyes and ears around your home doing the hard work for you. You are always aware of what’s happening in your surroundings. In case someone is planning to eyeball your house you would know that in advance and be prepared for any uninvited trouble.

2. Remote Management

Modern home security systems are designed to be controlled remotely. No matter where you are in the world, you would always have the ability to monitor your home remotely. In case of an emergency, you and the law enforcement authorities can both be alerted on time and prevent the mishap.

3. Peace of Mind

Home security services deliver complete peace of mind. Once you know that your assets and loved ones are under the blanket of a security system, you can focus more on your work and day to day business. We know that a home security system costs money but what it gives in return is absolutely priceless.

4. Safer Environment

Having a home security system also provides you with a safer environment. In fact, even if one house is under CCTV surveillance, criminals refrain from coming in the entire area as they have fear of being captured in the camera. This actually works for protecting the entire area, hence providing you and even your neighbours with a safer social environment.

5. Insurance Angle

We have insurance for everything now a days. We are pretty sure that you might have had your home insured too. Did you know that having a home security system also gives you some insurance benefits in terms of the insurance premium being paid? Insurance companies also love people who love themselves.

Having a home security system is vital for protecting your home and assets and there are no doubts about it. In case you live in Indianapolis and need some assistance in knowing more about how a good home security system can help you protect your family and assets, please feel free to give us a call. We would be more than glad to help you in living a more secure life.

Ways to Improve Security at Home

improve security at home

Living in Indianapolis you would be aware by now that securing your home has to be a priority. With the crime graph rising and home invasions becoming more than ever before, it becomes the duty of every house owner to secure his/her dwelling.

Being into the business of securing homes and commercial properties, we think it’s our duty to keep the citizens informed on what they can do to live a more secure life. So here are some practical pointers that help you have a more secure home.

1. Warning Signs

Even putting a fake sign that this house is protected by electronic surveillance does wonders. It’s a mind game which you can play with potential home invaders. These guys don’t just end up randomly selecting the house to be victimised. They do a proper study before making their move. If they see a sign which reads that the house is protected by electronic surveillance equipment, they might not come around your place.

2. Keep Your Area Clean

It goes without saying that if the area in front of your house is neat and clean with proper visibility, it is easier for you to detect any trespassers or shady characters roaming around. On the contrary, if your house is surrounded by thick shrubs and foliage, then, it becomes really easy to snoop around.

3. Lighting

A well lit exterior of the house is a very big deterrent for criminals waiting to make their move. It is always a good idea to have proper lighting arrangements at the exterior of your house. It increases the visibility and makes it harder for anyone to hide in the darkness.

4. Smart Locks

A very cheap but great option for securing the doors and points of entry to your home is a smart lock. These locks cannot be picked as they do not have keys. They either use biometrics or codes to unlock and can even be operated remotely. They are also sturdier than traditional locks.

5. CCTV Camera

Having a house surrounded by CCTV cameras is really a big crime deterrent. Criminals, like anyone else on earth, don’t want to land up in jail. Hence, they avoid houses where chances of leaving an evidence are great.

6. Keep your travel plans private

We know that everyone is tempted to announce their holiday plans online. That’s where the criminals also flock keeping an eye on your travel plans. They can’t commit a home invasion if they don’t know that you are gone. Right? Hence, it makes sense to keep your travel plans as private as possible.

7. Love your Neighbors

Being in good terms with your neighbors would go a long way in securing your home. They can keep an eye on your house when you are away. In case of emergencies, they could also be the first one to respond. Think about it! Be really friendly with your neighbors.

8. Smart Lights

These lights can be programmed to turn themselves on and off on preset timings. So even if you are away, the lights in your home would turn on at night and turn off during the day, giving an impression that you are inside the house.

We hope the above tips would add some more security to your home. In case you are looking for a professional solution, please give us a call.