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There’s nothing like residential security systems in Indianapolis that offer the best home security for you and your home. When it comes to protecting your home and family, Nelson Alarm has you covered. We offer the best residential security systems that cover your safety needs from basic burglar alarms to video surveillance and fire alarm systems. Give us a call for a free quote on residential security systems at 317-255-2125 today.

Security to Protect Your Residence

If you are in search for something to protect your house then installing residential security systems are the best choices for your needs. Both systems often include a fire alarm, sump pump alarm and burglar alarm component.

Residential security systems in Indianapolis come in two types:

  • Wired Security Systems – Wired security systems are good for the people who are building a new house because it as they can be easily installed into the walls.
  • Wireless Security Systems – Wireless residential security systems are a good idea for the people who either own or rent a pre-existing home.

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Wired Residential Security Systems

Generally, if you have an old home or an apartment then the best residential security systems that you should purchase would be a wireless residential security system. Wireless residential security systems work much better because they are much easier to install, due to a keypad that is normally fitted on the wall.

Additionally, those who rent their home or apartment are usually not allowed to install the residential security alarm systems needed wiring by their landlord. Also, the wiring of the wired systems is also very difficult in the walls that are plastered or covered with wallpapers. You would typically find a wired security system with most commercial surveillance systems.

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Wireless Residential Security Systems

Wireless residential security systems offers everything available from wired security systems, but with no headache of the wires and their installation in the walls. There are wireless alarms that provide the convenience of a simple installation that’s often done by the individual renter. Wireless residential alarm security systems are portable and can be moved from house to house as well as the ability of being easily expandable. Wireless security systems have the ability to add more security sensors if so desired.

Residential Security Systems Keep You Safe

Residential alarm security systems are there to give you the peace of mind that your property AND family are being protected 24 hours a day. When you are ready to evaluate residential security systems give us a call at 317-255-2125 for a free quote today!

Indianapolis Warehouse Security Systems Company – 317-255-2125

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Warehouse security systems are integral to the financial health of the most important aspects of many commercial businesses. Many companies all over the world depend on their warehouses to store valuable items of their business, primarily, inventory. From a loss prevention standpoint, the lack of constant video surveillance monitoring ultimately results in security problems. The resulting lack of safety and security of the warehouse means that a company will certainly have financial losses as well as lower employee morale. If you are in the need of warehouse security systems, give us a call at 317-255-2125 for a free quote today.

Aspects of Warehouse Security

Warehouse security primarily falls into two very important categories. The two most important warehouse security systems areas are:

  • Warehouse security cameras
  • Remote alarm monitoring systemsindianapolis warehouse security systems

Warehouse Security Cameras

A quality video surveillance system is a fundamental aspect of warehouse security. There are many different reasons to consider a video surveillance system for your warehouse. Here are just a few:

  • Warehouse security cameras keep a record of any activities that occur onsite.
  • Act as a loss prevention deterrent by constantly monitoring employee activities by preventing theft and monitoring employee accidents
  • Provide real-time remote recording and monitoring across multiple sites
  • Archiving of video recording

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Remote Alarm Monitoring

Another advantage of warehouse security systems is remote alarm monitoring. With the remote alarm monitoring that we offer at Nelson Alarm. Some of the advantages of remote alarm monitoring systems as part of your warehouse security systems are as follows:

  • Protect valuables from theft
  • Makes you aware of any fire or gas problems that may exist
  • Notifies authorities immediately in the event of an emergency

Indianapolis Warehouse Security Systems are Important

At the end of the day warehouse security systems provide for an increased layer of protection for employees, inventory and the warehouse and can potentially give your business insurance discounts due to increased safety and security monitoring of your facility. Give us a call at 317-255-2125 today to find out more information regarding your warehouse security systems today.

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As a small business owner you need small business security systems in place. Let’s give you an example why. It’s a Monday morning and you’ve arrived at your small business one morning and found everything completely ransacked. Absolutely everything is emptied out if not taken. Items like:

  • Computers
  • Inventory
  • Cash
  • Customer, employee and other business files

Running a small business requires you to take a number of risks. However, security shouldn’t be one of them. It’s a fact that your primary role is to focus on your business, and we will help you do just that by protecting it with a small business security solution that’s just right for you. The number for the best small business security systems company is 317- 255-2125. Yes. That’s right. We’re the best at what we do.

Let us at Nelson Alarm provide an assessment to better understand your small business environment and help to discover where you’re business is most vulnerable, even in areas you may not have considered.


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Small Business Security Facts

In the small business security systems world, we’ve found a number of things to be true, and this covers all small businesses. We’ve discovered that:

  • Roughly 8.8 percent of small businesses suffered a burglary or theft in 2016
  • Burglary accounted for $4.7 billion in losses in 2012, with the majority of commercial burglaries occurring during the nighttime. We can help reduce your risk with our professionally installed and monitored small business security systems.
  • Employee theft is blamed for roughly $50 billion in losses, with 75% employees stealing from their employer at least once. Video cameras are often the best deterrent to employee theft. A major benefit is that recorded video can be connected from another location for a real-time observation or to evaluate onsite accidents or events.
  • According to the most recent Gallup polls, low employee productivity easily translates into $450to $550 billion per year in lost productivity, thus having an effect on your overall profitability. The best small business security systems will allow you to reward employees for doing a great job as well as serving as a reminder to them that their activities can be evaluated at any time; because they are monitored directly.

An Easy to Use Security Systemlyric wireless small business security system scontroller w six sensors lo

At Nelson Alarm, we’ve found that here are certain things that small business owners will want in a security system. In general, multiple employees may use the system; it is helpful to have a system that is easy to use.

Most small business owners find that generally wireless security panels are easier to use than hardwired panels. Wireless systems are also easier to set up and program, and they typically allow for more flexibility in sensor placement.

Top small business security systems include control panels, security keypads, glass break sensors, window and door contacts, motion detectors, and sirens. The small business security systems can be hard-wired or wireless.

The systems security panel should also be able to support several user codes so that each worker can have their own entry code. This is great for monitoring which worker last accessed the security system and they can include loud immediate alarms or silent alarms that alert law enforcement without interrupting ongoing business and they have add-ons like fire alarms and video surveillance. You can even opt to get a back-up system to assure your small business security systems needs are covered at all times.

We Have the Best Small Business Security Systems

From the best small business security systems and access control to top notch video cameras and digital video recording, Nelson Alarm offers security products and service plans that let you choose the solutions that are best suited for your small business systems needs.

We are Indianapolis are top small business security systems companies. Don’t just search for “best small business security systems near me”. Give us a call at Nelson Alarm and let us create for your business a customized set of flexible solutions to address your small business security systems issues. Call 317- 255-2125 today for a free quote. Talk to you soon!


Feel Safer with a Nelson Monitored Home Security System


If you had any question, a monitored home security system should provide you and your family an increased sense of safety and security. The protection and the peace of mind that a home monitoring security system offers is priceless. If you are looking for a monitored home security system in the Indianapolis area, call 317-255-2125 at Nelson Alarm for a free quote today.

Security Systems

Some people make the mistake of waiting until some unfortunate incident, burglary, or fire has occurred before they considered the need to purchase a home monitoring security system. Obviously, that’s not the best decision. Never wait until after something dangerous happens, like a burglary or a large fire to consider your need for a home security system. Of course, if you’re reading this, the decision to get a home security system is made and you are doing your last bit of homework.


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One of the first things to consider are what are your home security risks and how can you address those risks, no matter how minor. As a matter of fact, before you decide to get an alarm system installed, you can make basic security assessments even with the most untrained of eyes.

Monitored home security systems typically take care of you once the burglar is in the process of breaking in or is inside the house. It’s your job to provide the “ounce of prevention” which hopefully means the monitored security system will not be called upon for its use.


When Evaluating a Monitored Home Security System

There are several features that a monitored home security system should offer. Some systems are bare bones while others could be considered the top of the line. Here are some of the standard features that any home security system in today’s home security market should provide. Those features are:

  • Mobile Access
  • Professional Installation
  • Completely Wireless
  • Window or Yard Branding
  • Indoor Cameras or Motion Detectors
  • Broadband and Wireless Connection to the Monitoring Company
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Motion Detector
  • Fire Alarm/Detection

In evaluating your new monitored home security system purchase or agreement, you should compare both features and quality, together with the company’s business reputation within their industry. Nelson Alarm is a locally owned; Indianapolis Company that has been in business and has provided impeccable security services since 1991.

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Purchasing a Monitored Home Security System

Pricing for your monitored home security system will typically includes a one-time installation fee, a one-time telephone connection fee and a monthly monitoring contract. Other charges and fees may apply depending on the particular plan or package you choose

It would be wrong for us to tell you to make your decision to purchase your monitored home security system without you doing your homework. We actually encourage you to do so. Though unlikely, we at Nelson Alarm just might not offer the type of coverage that is the right fit for your home. There is only one way to determine if we’ll be the best fit, pick up the phone and request a quote for a monitored home security system. You can reach us today at 317-255-2125, we are just a phone call away.


Need a Security System Monitoring Service? Nelson Alarm Can Help!

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A security system monitoring service is not just alarm monitoring. As a matter of fact, a security system monitoring service goes far beyond. In essence, it works on the same principal. However, it’s not just the home security alarms that are monitored here but the entire security system.

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In today’s society, violent crime and home invasions are on the rise.  Its because of this, home security system monitoring is a must. The police cannot always be there, but in order for them to react on time. A good security monitoring service lets the authorities or the emergency services know that you need their help.

You never realize the importance of a security monitoring system until and unless we understand what a complete home security system does. A good home security system is an array of digital sensors which monitors your home for unauthorized entry, fire, and other emergencies. To monitor fire hazards, smoke and heat detectors are installed.

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A good security monitoring system helps to monitor your home for a sudden rise in temperatures along with smoke. As soon as something is detected wrong, an alarm is triggered. which would be a mix of audio alert as well as a data message to your mobile phone. The same goes for surveillance and entry alarm systems. These systems are connected to your mobile phone or web application and would send off messages to you only.

What if you are busy and can’t see security alarm messages, or even worse, what if you are at home during an invasion and can’t call for help?

That’s where a security system monitoring service becomes a life savior. For an additional fee, at Nelson Alarm,we can monitor all your security devices 24/7 and alert the authorities about the emergency before you do. So, even if you have a situation where you cannot alert the emergency services, rest assured help will be on its way. Just give us a call for a free quote at 317-255-2125 today.

A Security System Monitoring Service Makes 24/7 Monitoring Possible

Thanks to the information superhighway and the connectivity that it provides, we are now living in a more secure world. All the security devices in your home are connected to the internet and that’s what makes it possible for 24/7 security system monitoring.

What’s more with this service is you don’t have to worry about maintenance schedules, as this service also lets the security company know when to come over for a scheduled maintenance.

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