Ways to Improve Security at Home

improve security at home

Living in Indianapolis you would be aware by now that securing your home has to be a priority. With the crime graph rising and home invasions becoming more than ever before, it becomes the duty of every house owner to secure his/her dwelling.

Being into the business of securing homes and commercial properties, we think it’s our duty to keep the citizens informed on what they can do to live a more secure life. So here are some practical pointers that help you have a more secure home.

1. Warning Signs

Even putting a fake sign that this house is protected by electronic surveillance does wonders. It’s a mind game which you can play with potential home invaders. These guys don’t just end up randomly selecting the house to be victimised. They do a proper study before making their move. If they see a sign which reads that the house is protected by electronic surveillance equipment, they might not come around your place.

2. Keep Your Area Clean

It goes without saying that if the area in front of your house is neat and clean with proper visibility, it is easier for you to detect any trespassers or shady characters roaming around. On the contrary, if your house is surrounded by thick shrubs and foliage, then, it becomes really easy to snoop around.

3. Lighting

A well lit exterior of the house is a very big deterrent for criminals waiting to make their move. It is always a good idea to have proper lighting arrangements at the exterior of your house. It increases the visibility and makes it harder for anyone to hide in the darkness.

4. Smart Locks

A very cheap but great option for securing the doors and points of entry to your home is a smart lock. These locks cannot be picked as they do not have keys. They either use biometrics or codes to unlock and can even be operated remotely. They are also sturdier than traditional locks.

5. CCTV Camera

Having a house surrounded by CCTV cameras is really a big crime deterrent. Criminals, like anyone else on earth, don’t want to land up in jail. Hence, they avoid houses where chances of leaving an evidence are great.

6. Keep your travel plans private

We know that everyone is tempted to announce their holiday plans online. That’s where the criminals also flock keeping an eye on your travel plans. They can’t commit a home invasion if they don’t know that you are gone. Right? Hence, it makes sense to keep your travel plans as private as possible.

7. Love your Neighbours

Being in good terms with your neighbours would go a long way in securing your home. They can keep an eye on your house when you are away. In case of emergencies, they could also be the first one to respond. Think about it! Be really friendly with your neighbours.

8. Smart Lights

These lights can be programmed to turn themselves on and off on preset timings. So even if you are away, the lights in your home would turn on at night and turn off during the day, giving an impression that you are inside the house.

We hope the above tips would add some more security to your home. In case you are looking for a professional solution, please give us a call.

Benefits of Security Cameras

security cameras Indianapolis

Security cameras offer a host of benefits. In fact, with the growing crime graph, its now essential that you have your home and commercial premises under the vigilant eye of a security camera. Following are the benefits of security cameras:

Workflow Monitoring

This point is basically for the people engaged in commercial activities. Since the shop floor or the factory floor is a huge place, it is not practical for a single person to monitor the entire area. That’s where security cameras come into picture. Apart from providing a security watch, these cameras can also help you in monitoring the work that is happening in the entire setup. It helps in boosting productivity and in preventing any mis-doing.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Homes and offices covered by security cameras are likely to attract less insurance premium. In the eyes of the insurance companies your property automatically becomes more secure if you have security cameras installed.

Crime Prevention

Criminals are also becoming smart now. They don’t want to take any undue risk while committing crime. When they see an area armed with security cameras, they are less likely to commit a crime there. The reason being simple, security cameras provide concrete evidence to law enforcement agencies if a crime occurs and this acts as a deterrent for criminals.

Helps in Decision Making

As we have already mentioned, apart from providing security, these cameras also help in monitoring the area. This comes to advantage when you have to make business decisions pertaining to logistics and crowd management. The footage from these cameras provide you with a solid tool to study the movement patterns thereby keeping you in a better state to make informed decisions with your crowd management and logistics.

Helps in Record Maintenance

This point is valid for commercial establishments. At times, legal authorities require you to keep video records of everything for a certain period of time. That’s when the security cameras come handy. The footage helps in meeting the compliance guidelines and also help in industrial dispute redressal.

Although our blog post was supposed to list the benefits of the security cameras, but we thought it would be prudent on our part to list some of the disadvantages of them too. Following are some of the disadvantages of the security cameras that are commonly observed.


At times people feel that security cameras invade their privacy. Now this feeling is highly subjective as every security measure you take will come with a trade-off. You are being monitored for good and the question of breach of privacy should not be such a big issue.


Getting security cameras installed is costly – this is one of the perception that people have about them. With any quality service, the cost will be a concern. Security cameras are heavy duty electronic machines. Therefore, they would be slightly costly. However, one should see the benefits that they provide.


Modern security cameras are digital and connected to the internet. This does open them for cyber attacks and hackers. This is a genuine concern and is being addressed very aggressively by the camera manufacturers. It is important to mention that we deal in the installation of the most secure security cameras.

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How Can Alarm Monitoring Benefit You?

Alarm Monitoring

Before we answer this question let us try to understand what actually is an alarm monitoring system. In the most basic sense, an alarm monitoring system is a service where your home alarm system is being actively monitored by a security agency. Alarm monitoring is like having an added security layer to your existing home security efforts. It offers an enhanced layer of security and peace of mind.

How Can Alarm Monitoring Help You Live a Safe and Secure Life?

Alarm monitoring is done by a centralized station which is manned by professionals who monitor your security systems 24/7. Modern alarm systems come with central monitoring option which can easily be programmed. The alarm system at your home is generally connected through IP relay or telephone line. Some of the alarm systems also have a sim card bay for standalone connectivity.

Technically speaking alarm monitoring system is of two types :

Centrally monitored alarm systems: These systems have a dedicated team of individuals monitoring your alarm systems.

Self Monitored alarm systems: In this scenario, the alarm systems are connected to your mobile app through a data link. Here you can get all the alerts that the alarm system detects on your mobile phone. Then it’s your call whether to call the cops, neighbors or to take some other action.

Both the systems provide an added layer of security and it’s always wise to go for them as there is nothing better than having a completely secure home.

Why is Alarm Monitoring Important?

There are many benefits of alarm monitoring. The biggest of them is peace of mind. Let us now discuss some of the reasons that would make you subscribe to an alarm monitoring service.

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Availing an alarm monitoring service ensures that someone is monitoring your home security system 24/7. It’s like having a watchdog who never sleeps or gets tired. An alarm monitoring service can ensure that in case of emergency, police or other help is just moments away. You can have complete peace of mind when you are away from home. There is always someone monitoring your property and ready to help if need be.
  2. Fire Security: Just set the smoke detectors on before you leave your home, rest assured in case of the alarm trigger the fire department will be notified without any waste of time.
  3. Insurance Costs: Generally insurance companies love the clients which take extra step and measures for securing their properties. You can expect discounts in premiums if you have alarm monitoring availed for your property. So in a way, it helps you save money too.
  4. Theft Deterrence: Thieves and burglars are smart criminals and they avoid taking unnecessary risks. A simple notice on your fence stating that your property has active alarm monitoring will be a big deterrent to such criminals.
  5. Instant Access to Emergency Services: Active alarm monitoring also acts as a panic button and you can seek the help of the monitoring station in dispatching emergency services to your location without delay in case of a situation where you are incapacitated to make that 911 call.

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What is home automation and how do I get started?

What is home automation

Bet you have heard this many times in your social circles. Home automation is the new IN thing, and trust us it really adds value to your dwelling. Going by the definition home automation is the process of using the computer devices and applications to control and enhance some of the basic functions of your home. At times a home enabled with a home automation system is also termed as a smart home. In fact, most of the home automation systems are now marketed as smart home systems.

It is natural for everyone to go for the best of things for his home. So, why not have the best home automation system for your cozy heaven. Well since we all know that every household is different and defining the best of things is something that relies more on the personal flavor hence defining the best home automation system is also difficult. There is no one size fits all here, every home has different needs and would require different elements for truly automating the property.

By now we are sure you might be asking this question to yourself “what can a smart home system do for me?” actually a lot, a good home automation system can start your sprinklers, manage the lights, fan and air conditioning of your home, take care of security and even remind you if your pantry is depleting. Yes, it might sound too much, but believe us we are just scratching the surface here.

Benefits of a smart home system :

  1. Environment-Friendly: A smart home system can actually help you have a greener home. The system helps cut down on appliances related to pollution and saves on energy by optimizing the appliance use.
  2. Secure Home: The system can be coupled with smart home alarm systems & smart home security cameras and even lights to create a more secure home. These security features can alert you whenever there is a need. Alerts come in real time and on your mobile device application so you are in complete control and awareness of any contingency or emergency if it erupts.
  3. Saves Money: Smart home systems are meant to enhance energy efficiency hence saving you lots of dollars.
  4. Comfort: Imagine controlling your home appliances from a remote control. Turning on fans, turning off lights, controlling home temperature all done from a single device. All this adds up to the comfort level of the home.
  5. Helps during vacations: The best part of having a smart home system is being in control of your property from anywhere in the world provided there is internet connectivity.

As we have mentioned before we are just touching the surface of this phenomenon called home automation here. The possibilities are endless. We at Nelson Alarm provide some of the best home automation solutions to our clients. If you feel that you too need a smart home, then please feel free to connect with us anytime. We would be more than glad to serve you and address your queries.

4 Ways to make your home more secure

Make Your Home More Secure

Security is more than a state of mind. Which such high crime rates, you should not be taking any chances when it comes to securing your home. No matter what the format of your house is, there is always a scope for betterment. Today, we are listing some of the elements which would help you decide whether your house is secure or not?

10233 reported cases of burglary!

26841 cases of theft

5176 cases of vehicle theft.

These are the crime figures of Indianapolis as published  on https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/in/indianapolis/ crime

This should be enough to make you think, Is my home really safe?

Am I doing enough to secure my family and property?

1. The Doors: 33% of burglars come through the doors of the house. Might sound astounding but it’s true. Check your door and ascertain whether it offers ample security for your house. This should be checked for every door of the house in case you have multiple points to enter the house. Check the T-Frames and hinges, they should be of high quality and strong.

In case your door has a mail slot then it should not be big enough for anyone to put their hands through it to open the door. Does your door have additional bolts to secure it shut? In case there is no peephole then make sure that you get one installed.

Additionally, you should install a burglar alarm for added security. Visit https://nelsonalarm.com/product/ to know more.

2. Are you on good terms with your neighbors: Every individual in the neighborhood is bound to have their own work schedules. Some might work from home and others might not. Taking care of each other back is always a good idea. Believe it or not in case of a home assault of any kind your neighbors can be of more assistance than you might imagine. In most of the cases of a failed burglary attempt, it was a responsible neighbor who alerted the authorities on time. Having a neighborhood watch program is always a good idea. If you don’t have one then make one. It will go a long way in keeping your home secure.

3. The Dry Run: Think like your enemy. Step into the shoes of a burglar and think like him. Plan a burglary of your own home and see how can you enter the home. Check for the vulnerabilities of the entire structure and see how can you remove the security flaws of your system. This will give you a very real picture whether your home is secure or not.

4. Let the experts help you out: It’s always a good idea to let the experts conduct a security audit of your home. Agencies like us have immense experience in knowing the vulnerabilities of a home and how to secure them. You would anyways need some equipment to be installed in your home to make it truly secure. So, rather than wasting time by going one by one on securing your premises, it would be in the best interest to make a one-time investment for securing your home.

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