Top 5 State of the Art Security System Features for the Home


There are endless possibilities when it comes to technology today, security systems included. From the most basic features, like door sensors and alarms, to more elaborate options like infrared cameras and home automation, your home can become the energy-efficient fortress you always dreamed of owning. Here are the top 5 state of the art security system features you’ve got to have.

State of the Art of Features

State of the art Indianapolis home security systems have several features that would keep even the most secret agent lair owners envious. From touchscreen panels to voice-controlled automation, home security features have become state of the art indeed.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Control panels are the brain of your entire home security system. Having a touchscreen generally makes things more user-friendly. They tend to be more intuitive and much speedier. In fact, it can do so by decreasing response time by nearly 20% according to a study done by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. The clarity of a touchscreen can’t be beaten and having easy-to-read, colorful icons will make navigation a breeze.

State of the Art Cameras

The capabilities of cameras today are amazing. The choices here are plenty as well. You can buy cameras that have 360-degree rotation, infrared technology, high resolution, motion detection, and two-way audio, just to name a few options. There are advantages to each of these individually, but having cameras as part of your home security system features has many benefits. They can prevent theft and break-ins. Capturing footage of intruders can be invaluable if there is a break-in. They also allow you to check in on your home, your loved ones, and even your pets when you’re away.

Mobile Control/Remote Viewing

If you have a smartphone, then you already know that there’s an app for just about everything. Lucky for you, this includes your home security system. Many security systems have a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. This can give you the capability to check on more than just your alarm when you’re away. It can also allow you to control things like lights or the thermostat if you have home automation. Or, connect to your cameras to check in on an elderly relative or see what sort of mischief your cat is getting into.

Home Automation

Another state of the art feature is home automation. Smart technology incorporates security and energy efficiency that can save you money by regulating things in your home like heating, cooling, and lights. It can also detect smoke or carbon monoxide and monitor air quality. Other home devices can be controlled as well, depending on how extensive your system is and other smart devices you have active, such as coffee makers, instapots, ovens, and refrigerators.

Voice Control

This feature, in particular, is growing in demand. Although the technology still has great potential for improvement, it’s extremely convenient. Using voice commands to control security system features and anything else that is integrated into your home system is probably the most satisfying state of the art option.

You Can Own the Best State of the Art Home Security Systems Features

In the end, the ultimate goal of your security system is keeping your home and the people who live in the home safe.  When it comes to Indianapolis home security, there is something out there to suit just about everyone’s specific needs. These security system features offer safety and a few extras for state of the art living.